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As every Peacekeeper knows, Security Forces personnel spend most of their holidays away from friends and family, usually under adverse circumstances.  Posts in bad weather and locations far from home do little to kindle the Christmas Spirit.  Nonetheless, the men and women of Security Forces always persevere and carry on with their mission, regardless of hardships.  To help recognize the contributions and sacrifices of Peacekeeper personnel around the world, we are now offering a series of four USAF Security Forces Christmas cards.  These cards are packaged by the dozen, and each dozen cards will include three of each card.   I'm grateful and appreciative to all of the good folks who have provided links, and to those of you who ordered.  If you're satisfied, let other people know.  If you're not satisfied, let me know, and I'll gladly refund your money.  In the meantime, I'll be providing sneak peeks to next year's cards on this site and hope to expand my line to include Military Christmas Cards for all branches of the armed forces.  Happy Holidays.   

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Security Forces Christmas Card Price List:

$14.00 per dozen for one to three dozen

$13.00 per dozen for three to six dozen

$12.00 per dozen for  seven to ten dozen

$11.00 per dozen for ten dozen or more

Add $1.50 shipping per dozen

Mail check or money order to:


Mitch Oates
1833 Nearview Ave.
Columbia, SC 29223

If you need more information, contact me at:
(803) 787-5094

  Shipping dates will depend on when order is received.

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Whether you are an officer, NCO or airman, veteran or jeep, ground defender or gate guard, active duty, reservist, guardsman or retired, if you are entitled to wear the blue beret, this collection of USAF Security Forces Christmas Cards is for you.  Now you can let your friends and family in on a small part of your life, and remind them of where you are and what you're doing this Christmas.  You may not have celebrated the holidays by counting rivets in the freezing rain on a 12 hour mid shift, but as a member of the Security Forces, the time will probably come.  No matter what you'll be doing this Christmas...some of your fellow Peacekeepers have it as bad - or worse.  Perhaps they're TDY to the middle east...where Christmas is not recognized...and the only tree in sight is a palm tree.  Maybe they'll be spending Christmas Eve settling a domestic dispute as a law enforcement patrol unit in base housing.  Think of past holiday seasons.  How many of you have spent Christmas or New Year's Eve driving around a parking ramp, or watching the world go by from your gatehouse?  Anyone who has ever worn the blue beret and badge of Security Forces, Security Police or Air Police will understand and remember.  Most people will always take the holiday season for granted, since they've never been in the military, or never had to perform The Mission... sometimes half a world away from home and family.  Now you can at least send them an SF flavored greeting with these Security Forces Christmas Cards.  So from Elmendorf to Eskan, from Howard to Thule and everywhere else in between, let your folks know you're out there, and wish them a Merry Christmas, Peacekeeper style.

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